Vaper’s tounge



So you may have read my blog about how I got into vaping. It was so amazing, like driving a car for the first time, a whole new world to explore. But then one day everything ground to a halt. I had been vaping away on two new eliquids; mothers milk and pink lemonade by Elemental. Suddenly over maybe a 20 min period the flavours became less intense exponentially until nothing. Perhaps worse than nothing, they tasted like stale breath.

In my online quest to discover what went wrong I was looking in all the wrong places, blaming the eliquids or rather the environment, (it would have been foolish to blame the eliquids as for both to become tainted at exactly the same time would have been too unlikely without an external factor). I suspected the cause was water from my shower I have joined to my room via the steam.

after some time I realised that it was me, I had initially dismissed the idea of VT (vapers tounge) because the things people were saying didn’t stack up which I will come to in a moment. When trying to find a solution there seemed to be template with completely fallacious information being regurgitated around the internet being treated as some kind of gospel, something like this;


The followings are 5 causes of vaper’s tongue.

1. Quit smoking – new e smokers who quit smoking recently may notice that your sense of taste is not returning. This will happen as you switch to nonsmokers.
Solution: If your sense taste can not return for several weeks, please see the doctor.

2. Dehydration – if moisture in your mouth is drawn out by e cigarette vapor, it will cause your mouse dry out and block the taste of flavors.
Solution: Drink more water before vaping.

3. The same flavor – if you have a favorite flavor and vape it every day, it will desensitize your taste and the flavor is getting weaker.
Solution: Try to switch to new flavor or flavor rotation.

4. Sick – if you catch cold or feel sick, you will lost your sense of smell and taste.
Solution: Got to hospital and take pills.

5. Random reasons – Your vaper’s tongue happens for none of reasons in the above.
Solution: Go to hospital for remedies.


I think I had found it was originally posted by some random little store in America. I feel that this is consistent with one of my pet peeves, people speculate about something, post it as fact, someone reads is with no critical thinking and then suddenly feel they are an expert on the subject. But let’s dissect this for a moment;

1 – Quit smoking, well this is clearly wrong. I gave up smoking a year ago, and why would taste buds get worse? This isn’t even a list filler as it has no plausibility at all.

2 – Dehydration, again this doesn’t stack up. Dehydration is variable throughout the day and if this were the case every time you got thirsty you would stop tasting things, then if you had some lucozade your taste would come back as rapidly as your cells could absorb the water. Also wouldn’t you stop being able to taste everything while you were thirsty?

3 – same flavour, if it was as easy as swapping to another flavour I’m sure people wouldn’t be asking about this all over the Internet, I can personally verify swapping flavours doesn’t work.

4 – sick, most people are bright enough to make the link between a stuffy nose and dificulty tasting. It’s safe to assume the majority of people who complain about vt would have made the connection.

5 – I don’t know if this is meant to be a joke or what, no useful information and hospitals are meant to be for emergencies? I’m assuming it was meant to be tounge in cheek.

there was also a list that included coffee beans as a solution, coffee has now been disproven as a means to reset olficatory receptors.

So you might say ‘well at least they are trying to figure it out, what have you done?’ I don’t mind people trying to figure out problems I think it is great, I think it just annoys me that some people blindly accept things as being true despite obvious logical pitfalls and then keep passing them on, like old wives tails.

So what is my theory? Well I noticed that using higher VG eliquids seems to bring about a more rapid onset of vt. I noticed that using a tounge scraper there is a white substance on my tounge which I suspect may be glycerine residue. Rinsing my mouth with mouthwash, scraping my tounge and squirting saline into my sinuses seems to bring some relief. However I would emphasise that the residue theory is just a theory and there are unanswered questions even with this. For example; why is smell and taste only diminished for eliquids? However my theory is not defeated by this question because one could speculate that the VG only settles in an area of the nasal passage that it comes into contact with most heavily and most used to communicate the flavour to the brain, or perhaps that different olficatory stimuli are a different consistency like how cooking oil will mix with coconut oil but not water.

Oh and one more thing, Tongue maps? All wrong and disproven. Tongue maps were a misunderstanding from that get go, I think maybe a misinterpretation of a digagram written by the pioneer of a theory on how many types of flavour our tongue could interpret. It would be kinda weird if only one section of your tongue could taste sweet, you’d have to make sure you ate a mars bar on that side of your mouth!

In any case I’d love to hear your thoughts, am I being unreasonable in shooting down these arguments and do they have any merit, or perhaps you have theories of your own?


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Vaper’s tounge

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